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The Australian Advantage

Study in Australia and gain access to a world-class education. As an undisputed leader in the field of higher education, Australia is among the top 3 best destinations in the world for international students.

Decades of research, innovation and investment have helped leverage Australia’s position in the global education market, with Australia’s qualifications and education providers recognised world over for its high standards, and excellence in teaching and research. You can study in Australia and immerse yourself in one of the most conducive learning experiences in the world. With eight of the best universities in Australia ranking in the world top 100, and home to 5 of the top 30 best student cities in the world, as well as over $ 41.8 billion invested in education, training and child care alone for 2016-17 by the Federal Government, State/Territory Governments, and the private sector; Australia is set to remain a market leader in higher education services for decades to come.

Australia’s higher education system is designed to provide local and international students alike with both technical and real-world skills that allow them to excel in their chosen field anywhere in the world. Today, Australia ranks in the world top 10 in terms of graduate outcomes, employer perceptions and job satisfaction. Australian higher education institutions invest heavily in their students, and consistently upgrade and improve their courses, facilities and resources to remain leaders in the international education arena. By choosing to study in Australia, you will join a network of 2,500,000 international alumni world over (including 15 Nobel Prize laureates).

Australian universities, technical colleges and TAFES offer students who wish to study abroad, a superior learning environment supported by highly qualified teaching professionals, state of the art facilities, and an incredibly diverse array of learning resources. A key cornerstone of the Australian education system is widely recognised as their holistic focus on innovation, critical thinking, analytical reasoning and practical application; skills which have allowed Australian graduates world over to excel in their respective fields and become masters in their chosen professions. World over, an Australian education is afforded with a distinct level of prestige and recognition, contributing immensely towards career progression, employer satisfaction and above-average professional salaries.

Australian university rankings

Australia has more than 1,200 institutions and 22,000 courses; affording students with a remarkable range of choices across a range of disciplines and access to an indefinite amount of career pathways.

Australia is also home to the Group of 8 (GO8); eight leading research universities that are signatories to the Hefei Statement – linking some of the most elite universities across the globe. The QS World University rankings by subject rate all GO8 Universities in the top 100, with 6 in the top 50 and 4 in the top 20. All GO8 Universities have at least one field of engineering ranked in the top QS 100, and all consistently feature in the top 100 for medicine, psychology and education.

Beyond the GO8, many of Australia’s universities feature in the QS Top World Universities under 50 and 35 of Australia’s 43 universities are included in the top 2-5% of universities in the world (QS and Times Surveys).

With the Australian education system offering a multitude of course and degree options, students have an infinite number of pathways leading to high-level graduate outcomes.

Most Australian universities are recognised as leaders within their own fields of specialised focus and have courses that are fully accredited by relevant professional bodies and associations – ensuring that graduates can either immediately obtain or gain access to specific pathways leading to accreditation, certification and registration in their chosen profession.

Going beyond Australian shores, Australian qualifications and industry accreditation are afforded a high level of recognition across the world, and particularly in comparable economies, ensuring that Australian graduates have access to opportunities and recognition on a global scale.

Australian Student Life

With its diverse and multicultural society, vibrant economy, and its relaxed approach to life, Australia offers a high quality of student life and a supportive learning environment. These factors have made Australia an immensely popular destination for students across the world seeking a true learning experience and the best that university life has to offer.

Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane are consistently ranked in the best cities top 10 index and offer an unparalleled student experience.

For the millions of students graduating from Australia’s higher education institutions every year, a majority attribute their successes, progress and development not only to the quality of their education but also to the entirety of their student experience. It is a journey that allows you to acquire independence, knowledge and vital life skills that will more often than not shape your character, strengthen your resolve and prepare you for just about any obstacle or hurdle in your professional career or personal life.

Above all, Australia remains one of the happiest countries in the world (ranked above the USA, the UK, Norway and Japan to name a few), and the people are just about the friendliest you can find anywhere in the world. In addition to many tangible factors that make Australia a top destination for international students, the environment in which students are allowed to grow, develop and bring out the best of their own abilities is a key factor that elevates their student experience (and the life-long benefits that can be attributed to it) above the rest of the world.

No matter what you decide to study, Australia’s progressive approach to education will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge to help you succeed in your professional life.

Why study in Australia

Why study in australia

Studying in Australia will not only give you a world-class education in an institutional setting, but will enable you to engage in activities that will support your personal development as well; giving you an all-around holistic learning experience to prepare you for the professional world.