Our team

Our dedicated and multicultural team of highly experienced professionals are committed to giving you the best higher education experience in Australia. Our team members come from Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Germany and Australia, with many of us having experienced life as a student in Australia. We bring with us practical insight and knowledge of the Australian higher education sector to ensure that you are supported through every step of the process as you commence your educational journey in Australia.

Anne Stewart

Accredited as a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC), Anne is an industry expert in the Australian Qualification Framework and has specialised knowledge with respect to the myriad of legislation, ethics and best practices that regulate the higher education industry in Australia.

As the Founder and Director of Australian Experience Pty Ltd, and its agencies – Highschool Australia, Work & Travel Australia and University Australia, Anne has over twenty years of experience in placing foreign students with leading Australian higher education institutions and providing high-level guidance and support leading to the achievement of immediate and long-term educational outcomes.

Providing leadership at all levels to the University Australia team, Anne is responsible for ensuring that University Australia adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, ethical compliance and industry best practice. As a QEAC, she is uniquely poised to ensure that our services and commitment to our clients comply with industry benchmarks and expectations and become a cornerstone in the ongoing success of our students across their educational journey.

Heike Andryk

An education agent with considerable experience in placing students in Australian high schools and universities, Heike is responsible for our outstanding relationships with higher education institutions and education partners under our portfolio. Her coordination and ongoing communications ensure that our team is always up to date and fully briefed on the academic and admissions-based information that we supply to our students.

Along with Anne Stewart, Heike is an architect of University Australia’s management strategy and client-management guidelines, ensuring that our services consistently deliver the best results and contribute real value towards our clients’ educational goals. She is co-responsible for managing admissions from Germany and the EU on behalf of our parent company, while consistently contributing towards our service offering through her expertise and relationships with higher education institutions across Australia.

Ben Stewart

As our Marketing & Operations Manager, Ben is responsible for the management of University Australia’s business relationships, strategic growth and promotional activity/brand development.

With over ten years of experience in Operations Management with one of Germany’s largest and most respected multinationals, Ben’s high-level experience and strategic know how is a driving force behind University Australia’s streamlined, client focused operations and a cornerstone of our excellent relationships with our universities, stakeholders and affiliated organisations.

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Ben is a graduate of the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor in Human Resource Management (HRM). With his longstanding experience in HRM, Ben also supports our educational pathway team with his developed knowledge on graduate skill requirements, employability factors and Australia’s employment landscape.

Irene Adam Manik

Irene’s versatile career has included the United Nations Development Program and the Republic of Maldives Foreign Ministry, where she headed the Central and East Asia desk.

As the quintessential ‘people’s person’, Irene is the key resource behind our unparalleled service offering to our clients. As Manager – Student Placement Services (Sri Lanka), she is responsible for managing the admissions process on behalf of our clients and takes an exceptional interest in ensuring that our clients receive the very best in terms of selection and admission support.

In collaboration with our team and the guidance of our in-house QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor), Irene has overall responsibility over the delivery of structured education pathways to our clients, ensuring that students are provided with comprehensive advice, planning and support to ensure that they can make informed decisions at all stages of their educational journey.

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Having graduated from the University of London with a Bachelors in Human Geography and Business Management (with Honours), Irene has also completed a Masters in International Urban and Environment Management with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Masters in Urban Planning with the University of Melbourne.

Sushendra Fernando

As the founder and Managing Partner of Chambers Migration, Sushendra has years of considerable experience under his belt in providing advisory and visa management services across all visa classes. As our Senior Advisor (Immigration & Placement Services), he is responsible for managing the high-level student visa and placement support services we offer our clients.

His developed knowledge on the Federal Australian migration program and Australia’s immediate long-term skill needs is invaluable in assisting our team in the formulation of structured, personalised education pathways for our students.

Sushendra is a registered Solicitor and member of the Law Society of New South Wales. Having completed his Bachelor of Laws at Monash University, he later completed his Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice with the Leo Cussen Centre for Law (Victoria). He was admitted as an Australian Lawyer by the Supreme Court of Victoria, and he is a registered Australian Migration Agent (MARA No. 1682266).

Harald Stuckmann

Harald is our resident IT whiz, providing a wide range of ongoing IT support including SEO and digital platform/content management services. He is the architect and enforcer of our digital strategy and provides the vital, behind-the-scenes technical support that elevates our service offering and allows our interconnected services to function at optimal levels.

Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart is a Senior Advisor to University Australia, providing guidance, direction and oversight to our team on a range of strategic matters.

As a former Director of Economic Policy for the Queensland State Government (Department of Premier and Cabinet), Bruce has substantive, high-level awareness with regard to ongoing and developing market changes and employer skill needs across industries. He is uniquely poised to analyse and understand the direction in which Australia’s economy (on a State/Territory scale and on a national level) is heading and identify beneficial pathways for our clients (in terms of qualification relevance, skill needs and future employability).

His insights and guidance is a critical asset to our team, allowing us to provide our clients with invaluable insights and advice on their chosen education pathway and future prospects. His advice supports our ability to deliver far-sighted, practical advice to students and strategically design education pathways for clients in a manner which enhances their (future) employability, diversifies their core skill-set(s) and maximises their opportunities for success.