How to apply

Apply Now

Please get in touch with us to apply to study in Australia, and discuss your options or find out more about our service offering.

Our team will take over from there and organise a consultation for you to discuss your options. At this stage, we will advise you with regard to general Australian study requirements, your study options, suitable courses and a university that best meets your individual needs.

Our flexible communication process allows you to manage your relationship with us in line with your preferences.

Once you have finalised your selection, we will commence the application process on your behalf once you are ready to move forward.

We will provide you with the forms required to confirm our appointment as your student agent and officially act as your representative. In keeping with QEAC ethics, our services to you remain free of charge.

As your student agent, we undertake responsibility for managing the application process with your chosen education provider and advise you on the documents, information and supporting evidence that you are required to submit in order for your application to be processed.

Once these documents are received, our team will review these doucments and advise if everything is in order. We will update your chosen education provider accordingly and continue to correspond with them until a decision is made on your application for entry.

If the application and associated documentation meet the requirements of the university, the university will then send you an ‘Offer Letter’. Upon receipt of your acceptance and the required initial payment, the university will send you a ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ or COE, which you can then use to apply for your student visa. Find out more information on Australian Student Visas and our service offering.

Application documents

We will provide you with the forms required to confirm our appointment as your student agent and officially act as your representative.

Whilst each institution will have their own set of requirements for the application process, the following is a list of the standard documents that that you will need to ensure your application is successful.

Application or registration form of the respective university (which our team will complete on your behalf)

  • Academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae (if available)
  • Copy of passport (bio-data page)

Please note:

  • Documents should be sent to us as an e-mail attachment, with certified scans of originals, and translated if required.
  • Depending on the university, documents for the entry semester (start end of February/beginning of March) must be handed in between October and January. The deadline for the second semester, which begins at the end of July/beginning of August, is from April to June.