QEAC Registration

Qualified Education Agents are international education counsellors who have completed industry-recommended training courses. The courses are developed by PIER, ICEF and other Australian government organisations and indicate each education counsellors’ specialisation in international student recruitment. Accreditation as a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) demonstrates an agency’s professional commitment to the rules and regulations governing the Australian international education industry.

The benefits associated with the management and oversight of your university, TAFE or college application by an accredited QEAC agent include:

  • Expert and up-to-date advice and guidance on course selection and education pathways in Australia
  • High-level management of course applications in line with industry standards 
  • Professional support services for students before and after they arrive in Australia

Anne Stewart, founder and director of University Australia, is a certified Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC No. F418) with nearly 20 years experience working in the Australian higher education sector.


OMARA Registration

Our comprehensive service offering to students includes end-to-end student visa advisory and management services.

Offered completely free of charge and delivered by our in-house migration agent who is registered with the Office of the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), you can be confident that the advice you receive, and the visa application you have entrusted us to manage is in safe and capable hands.

OMARA is the official Australian Government authority that registers migration agents and regulates the migration agent’s profession. Only registered agents can legally give immigration assistance in Australia, and they are required to undergo annual checks, assessment and CPD (continuing professional development) in order to maintain their registration.

The benefits associated with the management and oversight of your student visa application by an Australian migration agent include:

  • Clear, direct and professional advice with respect to your eligibility
  • Professional guidance before and throughout the visa process
  • The ability to obtain clarity on matters that you may be uncertain about
  • Solutions-based advice and assistance to address complexities and potential issues
  • High-level management of your visa application in line with professional standards
  • All correspondence with Immigration Authorities being managed by an authorized professional who is competent and up-to-date on applicable visa regulations, procedures and policy

All visa applications for our students will be managed by Sushendra Fernando.

Sushendra is our Senior Advisor on Immigration, Admissions and Compliance related matters. He is a registered OMARA Agent and a member of the NSW Law Society. He was admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria as an Australian Lawyer and Officer of the Court in 2015 and is an Australian Legal Practitioner.